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Challenges to Yemeni Health Insurance:

• No sufficient information for planning, setting standards & indicators.
• No criteria & standards for various health services & activities.
• No transparency in public institution.
• No professionals in insurance & no understanding of insurance mechanism
• Lack of administrative & control regulation.
• Lack of national capabilities & skills at various health level.
• Large number of people outside formal sector employment.
• Lack of qualified human resources and poor health services (public and private).
• Lack /Absence of clear health policies.
• Lack of regulation to control the private sector, & lack of supervision Weak legislative & regulatory framework.
• Difficult to put additional fees for consumptives of tobacco.
• Difficulties in premium collection for health insurance.
• High morbidity rate (per- exiting condition):T.B, hepatitis, CA …… etc
• High cost of administration (All type of insurance need high level expertise)
• Law salaries of professionals.
• Low coverage & accessibility to health insurance.
• Bad distribution of health staff and over concentration in main cities
• Weak management of inefficient utilization of resources.
• Schemes in low income countries have only achieved limited population coverage.
• Molar hazard & Adverse selection.
• Cultural & Religion challenges.