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Company departments :

Medical Department

It was established from professional doctors and pharmacists whom are able to:

* Making judgments for all the in patient cases if they were covered or not attempting to the insurance policy.
* Supervising admission cases by giving the specific number of days that the case needed and also visiting the patient at the hospital in order to see the services that the patient had
* Providing all the system management data and giving the approval for procedures related to providers

Claims Auditing Department

It was established from professional employees whom are able to:

* Entering and auditing all in and out patient claims. 
* Updating all CPT prices and new ones.    
* Updating the medicines prices and new products.         
* Entering the new contract providers at the network and cancelling the malpractices


Underwriting Department

* Making studies about health insurance in general and developing methods to reduce the cost.
* Putting the underwriting sheet to each contract.
* Calculating the cost for each contract.
* Collecting all the data about the group or individual in able to put the underwriting sheet.


Computer and information System Department

* This department is dealing with T.P.A software and hardware.
* Solving all computers and system problems.
* Developing and analyzing programs and creates a new method.
* Administrating the data and the core date entry
* Taking the backups of databases.


Medical Network Department

MIS has contracted with hundreds medical providers (Hospitals, Physician, Pharmacy, Lab. ,X-Ray centres, Others)  ,covered  main areas of Yemen.