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As a result of the delay of the issuant the law of the Obligatory Medical Insurance, Providing the medical insurance coverage for employees is consider to be voluntary action taken by the employer and requires additional expenditures (Insurance premium) that's why marketing for Medical Insurance is the most difficult kind of Insurance marketing.


Thus, we find that around half of Insurance companies haven't started the work in the medical Insurance field. Although, we've agreements with most local Insurance companies which obligate us to provide the required support for these companies, in order to enable them to issue the Medical Insurance policies. Although of that, only half of the companies succeeded to start in practicing Medical Insurance.


During the following months , it's expected that the number of the Medical Insurance Policies issued by the cooperative companies with us will exceed what we've directly issued. We became able to obtain confidence of HALIBERTON  Company : Consedar of the biggest international Oil Companies


Aman company for Insurance issued its first medical Insurance policy which issued it for (IES) petroleum company during the first weeks of its assistance with (MIS). So it expects that Aman will issue several policies through the following months. That because it gives special attention of marketing including the Medical. So that enable it to break the wall of the first policy in a short time. The following policies are easier to be achieved




But Saba's company for Insurance is still keeping the highest position in a number of policies, so this year it multiplies the number of its subscribers around four times that when it issued policies for many institutions including Aden Steel Company and Sweden Company for Cables.

Therefore, that's maintain it in the highest position even with the activity of other companies. Saba's has put its purposes to multiply its activity of Medical Insurance more than 20 times comparing to the last year 2008. It is going perfectly to achieve that, so we'll give it our complete support to achieve it's goal