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Because we aim to display the medical insurance everywhere in Yemen and include within our main strategies to work on practicing the medical insurance with the insurance companies allied with us. The result is that around two third of the companies, organizations and institutions which contracted with us for this year 2009 had insured through the allied insurance companies.

During the previous weeks we did many new contracts for many allied companies which are Yemen General insurance company, Al-Watania Insurance, Saba' Yemen Insurance company and Aman Insurance  company.



Our allied insurance companies through the few previous weeks succeeded to issue the medical insurance policies to many companies such as  Yemen Dairy & juice, Natco Pharma,T-E company and Al-Caon Co.Ltd



The occurrence of this contractions and the other direct contractions doesn't mean that the medical insurance in Yemen remained unaffected by the international financial crisis that because the organizations which offer the medical insurance services for their employees usually are international organizations or big companies which linked strongly to the international markets. However, it doesn't mean that the spread of the medical insurance will stop, but it will only reduce.


Even with the recent economical challenges, we put within our plans to multiplies the size work of our company this year by 100% compared with the size work of the last year 2008. In fact, we are already close to reach this target without obstacle since we are so proud that all our contracted parties since 2007 (without exception) renewal their contracts for another third insurance year just like all our direct contracted sides (Medical insurance) for the last year 2008 which they also renewal their contracts for another insurance year. This matter makes us so proud of the confidence of our agents which encourage us to continue this succeed