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It took twenty months until our company signed a contract with the first corporation AMTC (Automotive &Machinery Trading Center: TOYOTA). Tens of other corporations followed AMTC in the following twenty months and trusted us to medically insure their staff with or without families


Signing a contract with the first (private) company was an exceptional event.  3/7/2008 was yet another exceptional event to be celebrated as we signed a contract with the first governmental institutions’ (Civil Aviation& Meteorology Authority) in the abode of the Authority in Sana'a. The contract was signed by Mr. Ahmad Faraj the Chairman of of the Authority, and Dr. Adel Al-Emad the Chairman of MIS. The contract included the medical insurance service for the Authority staff and their families (including parents). The significance of this contract goes back to the fact that it was the initiation of signing contracts with quality governmental institutions’. It is important to mention that a number of governmental corporations have preceded the (Civil Aviation& Meteorology Authority) to wide and detailed negotiations with our company, but they faced a number of administrative, financial and procedural obstacles that delayed signing contracts with us until the (Civil Aviation& Meteorology Authority) preceded them with signing the contract that made it leader for all  governmental institutions


Y- Telecom ensured its staff and their families. Y-Telecom was able to fill the insurance requests for hundreds of its employees and their families in a record time that has never been overcome by any other corporation with such a huge number, what reflects a high level of organization, communication and dedication in work. These 3 components are very important and required to offer distinctive services that are considered to be the main condition to the success of any company especially in such a competitive field