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Since, MIS, started to introduce a medical insurance manufacturing in Yemen at 2005, MIS aimed at a confederacy with available insurance companies in Yemen but it faced allot of difficulties which made MIS to work lonely. So, MIS worked hardly with exceptional effort till it started to sign contracts and publish medical insurance documents after tow years of its authorization. But MIS continued in its projects till other insurance companies believed in MIS abilities. So, other companies started to response one after the other. the first is Islamic company which joined MIS in 2007 to publish medical insurance documents for Sabafon company by a provincial and technical support from MIS

Another confederacy between MIS and Saba for insurance company which their leadership considered it as divisional point in its history (18 years of work)  Saba  company enabled to publish many medical insurance policies for many institutions during the first week of the contract with MIS.     Also, its worthy to mention that we talked in our web site that there are new serious steps for confederacy with new insurance companies and Saba is one of them. Meanwhile there are negotiations with other insurance companies and soon we will announce about it by willing of God