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In the last week, two alliances have joined us. Mareb Insurance Company which is one of the oldest insurance companies in Yemen. It was established in 1974. The other alliance is with Aman Insurance Company, and the treaty was signed in MIS building by the general manager of Aman Insurance Company Mr.Muhammed Mustafa, and the chairman of MIS Dr. Adel al-Emad with the presence of Aman's marketing manager Adel al-Sulwi



It is important to mention that during the past weeks a cooperation treaty was signed with Al-Watania Insurance Company that showed an early concern about the medical insurance. This cooperation resulted in Al-Watania insured TATCO company employees (with the cooperation with MIS to manage the medical expenditures for the insurance policy



After joining these three companies to our alliances, the following strategy is to give the (eight) insurance companies contracted with us the chance and to support them in order to get a big marketing share with our participations with these companies in their marketing and introduction activities for the targeted institutions, with the invention of cooperation mechanisms between the various companies to avoid any ambivalences in the interests between the companies.


MIS looks forward to creating an gigantic insurance entity constituted from the majority of the local companies to overcome any challenges that can appear from the intensity of the competition between the local, the regional and the international companies in order to provide a medical insurance coverage after the issuance of the medical insurance law that is expected to be issued during the next  year