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The Universal Group and Dubai Ports World Aden and other pioneer companies have been insured

Several weeks ago, the Universal Group Companies and Dubai Ports World Aden Company and Yemen International Transport Company joined our medical insurance cards holders. Universal group companies involve numbers of tourism, hotels and travel pioneer companies, since it has many hotels around Yemen and it represent many international companies



In the other hand, Dubai Ports World Aden company has been medically insured by us, it considers as one of the most important universal harbors companies, it has more than fifty harbor around the world.

Yemen International Transport Company has also been insured, It has the biggest overland group of buses which reach whole parts of the country and also the nearby countries.

Thousands of subscribers get benefits from our medical insurance service, those subscribers include all the employers and their families.



Our insurance coverage involved numbers of pioneer and special companies and institutions. In fact, the successful companies are those that give more care to their employers. An example of these companies is Grand Technology, it is one of the pioneer companies that offers the S.M.S services, and Yemen Education for Employment Foundation, it's a non-profit institution which play an important role in preparing their trainers for the working market, Mr. Aloan AL- Shaibani is the chairman of this institution who supports this institution with other businessmen.



Our allied insurance companies (Al-Watania, Saba and Aman insurance company) succeeded to issue the medical insurance policies to many companies such as Almaz Group, Tasweeq Enter Trade, and Company.

It's important to mention that the local insurance companies started to exert more efforts in the medical insurance field - that increase the number of the medically insured companies- after their strategical confederacy with MIS which began in 2008 and resulted thousands of the medically insured subscribers spread over tens of the companies.