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Our cooperation with YEMEN GENERAL INSURANCE company YGI is considered as the most important step for our company in the last weeks because of the huge benefits that will certainly develop the medical insurance in Yemen since (YGI) has an extraordinary  properties like its good fame and staff ;furthermore,  its relation with a pioneer  trading  group THABET BROTHERS GROUP



By this cooperation we reached our target which was the  joining  with half of the local insurance companies. However, they are different in age and size of work, our duty is to provide a complete technical and professional  support to every company regardless its size.  While it is important that some insurance companies stay outside this Cooperation because  this is the reason to create a real  competition in the Yemeni  insurance market


Since we want to activate the other insurance companies we will reduce or stop our direct contracts, which mean that we will  try to do all our work through other insurance companies.For example, By our support Saba insurance company  hassigned three insurance contracts During last few weeks with  (JPI) , (BORGAT) and (MARIE STOPES) the Social Marketing Project for Reproductive Health Services



However, there are several parties that came directly to us (not through any other insurance company) like the Yemen Red Crescent society and  the international federation for the red crescent and cross, in this occasion dr. Adel Al-Emad did a presentation in the center of Yemen Red Crescent  society and he explained their insurance benefits and the subscribers rights and duties