Who We Are

Insurance is right for you and your treatment is our duty

MIS is the first Yemeni company to specialize in medical insurance and managing medical expenses. It has been practicing business, under registration number (42) issued in Sana’a City on 19/02/2005, to provide healthcare services at the highest technical standard available in Yemen, in light of medical insurance contracts and systems. Our services are provided through our technically specialized staff and a broad medical network at the best hospitals and medical and diagnostic centers inside and outside Yemen. Later, the Company has obtained a license from the Ministry of Technical Education and Vocational Training as a consultative and training center offering services for medical institutions and insurance companies. MIS has introduced to Yemen the most modern globally-used systems after modification to be in line with our local community medical needs and priorities.

Our Mission

To facilitate accessibility to the needed medical services at the highest quality standards

Our Vision

To be the leading national and regional medical insurance company in providing high-quality services through creative staff governed by principles and values, in such a way to meet our clients’ expectations, while seeking to develop medical and insurance services in Yemen.


Humanity – Quality – Professionalism – Creativity – Credibility

MIS role of health insurance in upgrading the level of health services provided through its medical network

1- The right choice of the approved medical bodies within objective scientific standards, away from any personal considerations or subject to relationships and moods, and the technical upgrading of these agencies.

2 – Take advantage of specialized scientific and technical cadres, highly trained and able to adapt to the medical and technical developments and changes.

3 – Applying correct mechanisms in providing health services including monitoring patients to hospitals and organizing patients’ access to sub-specialists without referral.

4- Applying the terms of the insurance contracts signed between the beneficiaries and insurance companies in a precise and neutral manner as a TPA

Reinforcement of the strategy of rationalization in spending on health services in order to achieve the principle of providing the maximum degree of efficiency at the lowest possible cost

4- The ability to prepare statistics that include the cost rates for each age group, according to the type of cost in terms of being an examination, examination, drug or rest, and according to the service provider and the geographical area, and that includes positives at the national level (for strategic health plans) and industrial (knowledge of the volume of drug consumption) And supplies).

5 – Issue instructions and instructions that lead to clarity in the mechanisms of providing medical services to faithful patients and train those involved in this.

6-Working to keep insurance premiums at the lowest possible level, by making sure to provide only the necessary medical service

Services that MIS provided to the medical service providers

  • Infusion of large numbers of patients.
  • Bearing a highly expenses of medical procedures and considering the precise medical specialties.
  • Advantage of service providers from the statistics and expertise which available at MIS
  • Assisting service providers in setting real and reference standards (technically and financially) for providing medical services which available to them.
  • Enhancing confidence in local service providers, so that they can treat the sick cases that were being treated abroad within medical insurance.

The Medical Services that MIS provided to employees for entities

The employee becomes able to treat without bearing any significant cost (the MIS bears the costs for him).

  • The employee can be treated in any hospital which he desires through the expanded medical network approved by MIS, with the possibility of treating him outside the network if it is necessary.
  • The possibility of including dependents within the MIS programs (as per of the contract’s terms).
  • The possibility of covering all diseases (as per of the contract’s terms).
  • The possibility of covering chronic diseases, and deliver it to the patient’s address (as per of the contract’s terms).
  • Regular check-ups of chronic diseases for patients.
  • Benefiting from the best consultants and the possibility using international consultants in needed.
  • The patient has the right to obtain a second medical opinion when needed.
  • Agreement with medical service providers to stipulate technical standards in the services provided in the interest of the patient.
  • Avoiding patient from any unnecessary medical procedures or taking any medications required according his condition.

Who is the manager of MIS ?

MIS managed by DR. Adel A. Al Emad : The leader person of medical insurance in Yemen, who have PHD in community medicine, (Specialized in medical administration, & health economies).

It is hard to speak about medical insurance in Yemen without speaking about DR. Adel; who started (for the first time) teaching the medical insurance as an academic subject in the different colleges in Sana’a University (the first & the biggest governmental University in Yemen),  Through his work as an assistant professor he is teaching Yearly thousands of medical, dental, nurse, lap, pharmacy colleges students, to help in forming the future regarding the medical insurance in Yemen.

Said about MIS

I was pleased to visit((Medical Insurance Specialist MIS))   and see the efforts made, which herald great success in providing distinguished service to the people of this country, which has been deprived of secure health services. I am confident that everyone will support (MIS) and the success will be for all the people of this country.

DR. Tariq Sinan Abolohoum – may his soul rest in peace, The Former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the University of Science and Technology

I was extremely pleased to visit MIS, It is a very important idea. And highly needed in our dear country to spread the culture of insurance, and work to benefit from it in covering the costs of treatment for the citizen, whether was in the government or in the private sector. May God bless the efforts made by the brothers in this company, headed by brother Dr. Adel Ahmed Al-Emad, and grant them success in carrying out this mission. Service to members of society and the country as a whole, God bless

Dr. Muhammad Muhammad Yahya Mutahar - may he rest in peace, former Deputy Minister of Higher Education

If you feel blue and disappointed, you won’t find a big hug and kind heart like my  dear brother Dr. Adel Al-Emad to go to, may gad grant him with his blessing and all the workers for this unique achievement, which will lay the true foundations for upgrading health services in the happy Yemen.

Mr. Ahmed Abdullah Al Mazrouei

Today, Saturday 4/8/2007, I had the pleasure of visiting the MIS and Dr. Adel Al-Emad. I found the company has taken the basic steps and the correct beginning of its tasks. It is the result of the effort made by Dr. Adel and a clear indication of his persistence, management, clear vision, and mission in which he believes. I am confident to say today, which will become clear tomorrow, that my dear Dr. Adel has established an important national business that Yemen has been craving for, for a long time, and thus we record here this primacy in establishing this great work

We wish for the company and Dr. Adel more excellence, creativity and success.

Dr. Abdul Majeed Abdo Al-Mikhlafi, Dean of the Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences-Yemen

I was super glad about what I found and reviewed in MIS, which led by my dear colleague Dr. Adel Ahmed Al-Emad. I was amazed by the recent activities and programs that one cannot imagine it has existed in Yemen. May God grant you, Dr. Adel, and our wishes for this company permanent success and prosperity.

Go ahead MIS and God be with you .

Dr. Ahmed Al-Hadad, Professor and Head of the Department of Community Medicine, College of Medicine, Sana'a University